General terms and conditions

These general terms and conditions shall apply to the relationship between "Der Rankenhof Ferienanlage Inh. Ferial Geister" hereinafter "RANKENHOF" and its guests.


RANKENHOF shall provide the guest with areas, equipment and services as available for the prices currently in effect and at the agreed upon dates. If RANKENHOF is wholly or partially not able to provide such services due to reasons of force majeur or other events - these especially include strikes, lockouts, government requirements, lack of power, etc. - RANKENHOF may wholly or partially withdraw from the still unfulfilled portion of the contract without paying any compensation.

Rooms are available for check-in at 3:00 pm on the day of arrival. On the day of departure, guests must leave the rooms by 10:00 am, at the latest.

Withdrawal / Cancellations / Reductions

If a guest has not checked into his or her reserved room, RANKENHOF reserves the right to rent said room to another party. A room is considered to not be checked in if the reserving guest has not checked into the room by 7:00 pm, at the latest, on the day reserved, unless the guest has communicated a later arrival in advance. Moreover, the following provisions apply. Any room and service cancellations that cannot be rebooked entitle RANKENHOF to charge the guest as follows:

Cancellations are billed separately. Expenses not incurred have already been included in the aforementioned cancellation fees.


Payment in full is due, at the latest, upon departure, without discounts and including value-added tax. The customer may only offset against claims that are undisputed or which have been determined as legally valid.


The guest is jointly and severally liable for all outstanding accounts with RANKENHOF, also those from additional services (food, telephone, etc.) he or she, any contractual partners, or guests of him or her have used during his or her stay at Rankenhof.

The guest is strictly liable for all damage or losses in equipment or inventory incurred during the set-up, use or take-down of rental items, unless the guest can prove that the damage or loss was not caused by him or her or the persons assisting in said activities or his or her guests or contract partners.

Claims against RANKENHOF or its staff assisting in performance or its vicarious agents resulting from impossibility of the performance, from active breach of conditions, from negligence in concluding the contract and/or from tortious actions are excluded, provided intentional or grossly negligent actions are not involved. RANKENHOF expressly assumes no liability for the loss of any valuable objects.

Decorative materials

The use of decorative materials and similar objects require our advanced written permission. All decorative materials must meet fire safety requirements. The guest is responsible for safe attachment and easy removal of said materials. Staplers and adhesives containing solvents may not be used to attach decorative materials. Unless other arrangements have been made with us, the decorative materials provided by the guest must be removed and picked up immediately following the end of the event.

Traffic control

All traffic laws shall apply on the property.

Final provisions

Place of performance is RANKENHOF, Zemminerseestr. 6 in 15746 Groß Köris. The district court of Königs Wusterhausen is the place of jurisdiction. Should one of these provisions be or become partially or wholly ineffective, such shall not affect the validity of these general terms and conditions. Invalid provisions shall be replaced by valid provisions that most closely correspond, from an economic standpoint, to the intended purpose of the original provision.